Vijenthiran Vijayaratnam
AMP # M08002899
Thanks to Vijey's hard work, expertise and diligence, we achieved the necessary finance, mostly at a fixed rate at 5.15% , and without the need to cross-collateral to other properties. That last item is an absolute bonus. Vijey is a genius. Even I was working for the bank, I had hard time to get mortgage and It was VJ who made my dream home is reality.

Best wishes
Victer Tang, Whitby


I'm very glad that I made contact with you and that my application was managed by you. I'm also grateful for and appreciative of the effort you put into my case and the constant communication from you from start to finish. You obviously enjoy what you do and give a very clear impression that you work for the client. It appeared that you were at least as frustrated by the bank's process as I was but it's all ended well it seems, thanks largely to you.

Alex Newton,Ajax


I would like to thank you for all your hard work there, . I believe that you went above and beyond the call of duty - and what makes it even more important is that I didn't ask you to, you initiated it, which is a really good way to run your business - I hope that you get lots and lots of inquiries and clients, because I believe with your attitude and service you'll win lots and lots of business!!

I'll catch up with you soon.

Thanks again and regards,

Kumar Sivabalan Mississauga

585 Middlefield Road, Suite 16.
Toronto, ON. M1V 4Y5
Tel: 416.732.7784
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