Vijenthiran Vijayaratnam
AMP # M08002899
Welcome to Canada! Just because you are a new immigrant does not mean that you have to wait to purchase a home. If you have been in Canada for less than three years, have landed immigrant status, and have been employed in Canada for a minimum of three months, you can qualify for a mortgage with as little as 5% down payment. The main documentation you will need to provide to qualify with a 5% down payment will be a letter from your employer, a recent pay stub, and 12 months verifiable bank statements from a recognized financial institution.

This can include a financial institution from your country of origin if you have been in Canada for less than 12 months. Also acceptable is 12 consecutive months of 2 verifiable monthly payments

in good standing. (ie. phone bill, or utility bill). If you have a 10% down payment then 6 months of the information mentioned above will be sufficient.
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