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Commercial Real Estate Mortgage

Purchase, refinance or improve owner-occupied, commercial and/or investment properties.

  • Up to $500,000 loan amounts
  • 5-10year term, with up to 20-year amortization
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Secured by real estate

Benefits of buying new commercial real estate with a purchase mortgage loan from Vijay Financial Depot

By getting a purchase mortgage loan from Vijay Financial Depot, you have the option of making 'no down payment' or a 'tiny down payment' on the new commercial property you're buying. So, you can save your money to develop the new real estate you've purchased and increase its value immediately.

Get your commercial purchase loan today: just fill out the Mortgage Application.

Buy rental property with commercial purchase mortgages

Buy new rental property with a purchase mortgage loan from Vijay Financial Depot and make money! How?
When you purchase a rental property with a mortgage loan, you can rent or lease it out right away at a price that will cover or exceed your mortgage loan payments and maintenance costs. And then, watch your tenants pay off your purchase mortgage loan for you.
You'll become a property owner and a money-maker without having to make any mortgage loan payments at all. So get a rental property now! Just Mortgage Application for a purchase mortgage loan!

Benefits of buying a rental property with a purchase mortgage loan from Vijay financial depot.

By using a purchase mortgage loan to buy commercial rental properties, you can make wise property investments for your children. Renting out a commercial property now means it will be paid off by your tenants by the time your child is grown. Then they can have a way of making income while they start education or work.
Looking to retire someday? Having income from a commercial property can be a perfect way to retire in comfort. Use a purchase loan to get rental property now, in order to have your tenants pay off your property by your retirement. When you're finally retired, you'll be making pure and ongoing profit.
Get a commercial purchase loan today! Just fill out the Mortgage Application .


Whether you are interested in purchasing vacant land as an investment, for future use or to build your dream home, securing financing for vacant land can be somewhat challenging. Mortgage lenders look at vacant land mortgages as higher risk loans, and therefore interest rates are usually quite a bit higher than standard residential discounted mortgage rates in Canada. If you have immediate plans to build, then you will be able to finance vacant land with a minimum 35% down payment. With no immediate building plans, the vacant land down payment requirements increase to 50% down payment. Financing vacant land can be very situational dependent and the amount required for down payment, qualification criteria and interest rates will vary from one situation to another. Vijay Financial Depot mortgage broker will be well equipped to provide you with all the information you need on vacant land financing. Apply online now or contact us at 416-732-7784.
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